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Customizable branded jewelry

BRANDED; We turn logos into gold!

Branded Rings 1
Branded/Logo'd Jewelry
Branded Rings 2

Whether you need corporate recognition jewelry or personalized signet or championship rings, we are anxious to address your recognition needs.


Quality at every step

Our supplier manufactures fine award jewelry made of precious metals and gems. Each piece is handcrafted to your client’s specifications and delivery timetable. 

Traditional: These popular ring styles feature a center gemstone which can match corporate colors and are handcrafted and customized with recipient information.

Other branded/logo's items

Contemporary: With hundreds of more modern style options, Talisman can utilize an organization's symbol and feature it as prominently as necessary in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Business Champions: Corporate customers can present their "champions" with custom, personalized award rings and begin building a tradition of pride and sustaining top performance.

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